"You're a Wizard, Harry?" House Cup and Other Tools to Help Your Residents Re-Engage and Make Their Voice Heard in Your Program!

In the ever-changing landscape of medicine, residents are challenged with more administrative tasks than ever before. From logging duty hours to completing online evaluations, after 80-hour work weeks trainees are left with a pile of administrative responsibilities. Naturally, these tasks go undone and chief residents are left chasing residents to complete their duties, which increases resident stress and burnoutas well as puts a strain on the relationship between administration and trainees. Residents stop taking joy in attending conferences, coming to wellness events, and become less engaged within their program, seeing these events as simply one more "task" they need to complete to avoid delinquency. This cycle of madness needs to end!

Through this workshop, chief residents will discover a roadmap for creating innovative solutions to keep residents more engaged. Using our "Geisinger House Cup" initiative, residents are rewarded for completing administrative duties and staying engaged with their program. We help residents take a sense of pride in attending wellness events and competing with their co-residents to earn the title of "House Cup Champion." Additionally, chief residents will learn a framework for implementing a "residency town hall" coupled with our "Residency Improvement Committee" . These programs encourage trainees to become advocates for their program and offer a supportive outlet for working with leadership to promote healthy change. After this session, learners will walk away with the ability to help instill a sense of autonomy and purpose back into their residents!