(Ear) Budding Potential: Medical Podcasts to Supplement Curriculum and Learning

Podcasts are now one of the most common asynchronous learning strategies used by trainees. Studies indicate residents find podcasts more helpful than textbooks or journals. Despite the growing popularity of podcasts, it remains unclear which podcasts are best for particular contexts. A recent study showed that most trainees discover new podcasts through word of mouth, suggesting that peers and faculty have had a role in the increasingly ubiquitous use of podcasts among learners. Currently, there are minimal resources to help educators guide discovery and use of podcasts in trainees. The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with practical tools needed to develop curricular strategies for implementing specific podcasts inline with their learner goals.

We will review evidence supporting specific pedagogical techniques and a rubric for evaluating medical podcasts, and then will break into small groups for facilitated case discussions leveraging the experiences of the participants and expertise of the presenters. The small groups will generate a list of opportunities and challenges within their own institutions and what approach they might use to incorporate podcasts within their curricula. We will debrief case discussions as a large group and ask participants to share their key takeaways and implementation strategies in their respective clinical/learning contexts. Participants will receive a handout of suggested podcasts and their features at the end of the session.