Building Bridges Instead of Climbing Ladders: A Leadership Program for Developing Your High-Potential Employees through Networking and Self-Awareness

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) for Non-Academic Staff in the Department of Medicine (DOM) at Stanford University is intended for high potential employees who are individual contributors (non-managers) in our department.

The program aims to give participants an overview of our department, the largest department at the institution, as well as our school, while also exposing them to the individuals leading our department and school. High-potential employees will have the opportunity to learn about the department by meeting department and school leaders, learning about self-awareness and branding and analyzing a real process or project within their existing work group and presenting it along with ideas for process improvement to their cohort.

Participants are invited to actively think of their own career trajectory and how to get to the next step in their journey throughout the program while building a network with other high-potential employees.