Bringing Back the "Qualit?" to Quality Improvement: A Novel Approach to Gamifying and Aligning QI Curricula

ACGME mandates quality improvement and patient safety (QI/PS) as a competency for GME trainees. Despite this requirement, existing literature indicates that QI/PS programs in academic medicine are uneven and exhibit great heterogeneity in processes and outcomes. This workshop will share our approach to a three-year QI/PS curriculum that has been in place at our institution since 2018. The curriculum engages health system leaders as residents conceive of and execute projects that align with health system goals. Resident satisfaction, interdepartmental collaboration, and scholarly output in QI/PS have increased at our intuition after implementing this curriculum. The core tenants of our program are transferable and adaptable to other institutions: hands on engagement and interaction (design thinking), solicitation of interdepartmental stakeholders, autonomy and self-organization by residents, and assessment and evaluation. A highlight of the curriculum is during resident's second year, where we have gamified QI projects to create friendly competition between the various groups.

During this interactive workshop, participants will be able to participate, as small groups, in mock QI project scenarios and participate in a "shark tank", as the second year residents do at our institution. We will discuss with the audience challenges and barriers that their institutions face. Subsequently we will share a successful framework that is not only adaptable to other organizations and can be easily leveraged during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also integrates the goals of multiple audiences: GME learners, faculty, and health system leadership.