Beyond the Differential: Evidence-Based Strategies to Facilitating Morning Reports

Morning report is an educational conference that is central to internal medicine residency training. At many institutions, facilitating morning report represents the most substantial portion of chief residents' teaching responsibilities. Despite the advantages of report, its often-mixed audience of learners and faculty, as well as the flexibility incurred by a case-based format, can pose unique challenges to chief residents. Furthermore, chief residents have few opportunities to learn how to lead an effective report.

While the structure of morning report invariably differs across programs and institutions, we believe the skills needed to engage and facilitate interactions between various levels of learners and participating faculty members are universal. The way a chief resident conveys information and engages the learners can often be more crucial to the success of report than the actual content itself. This workshop will help rising chief residents develop evidence-based skills grounded in adult learning theory to effectively facilitate morning report with a mixed audience.

The presenters have a cumulative 40 years of experience as report facilitators and training chief residents to lead morning report. We will present strategies that lead to creation of a safe learning climate, titration of faculty involvement, and engagement of all learners through interactive small group discussions, video-based examples, and role modeling of facilitation skills.

At the end of the workshop, rising chiefs will be given an electronic toolbox to bring effective morning report facilitation skills to their home institutions.