Best Practices In Virtual Recruitment: How to Put Your Best Foot Forward in a Changing Landscape

Residency and fellowship recruitment has changed dramatically over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas previously almost all interviews were conducted in person, we have now moved to a pervasive virtual structure that emerged without preplanning or guidelines. Programs have been largely left to navigate these changes with very little data or guidance on ways to accomplish optimal outcomes in this new landscape. In this workshop designed by the ASP Fellowship Committee, we will explore some of the changes, challenges, and successes with suggestions for all programs to adapt and excel. Virtual interviewing strategies will be discussed at length, including approaches to organizing, optimally demonstrating the strengths of your program, and navigating barriers. Although nascent, evidence regarding virtual interviewing will be presented with recommendations where applicable. Unexpected benefits include increased access, decreased costs, and lessened travel stress which support diversity and wellness for applicants and faculty as well as decreased environmental impact. Finally, topics for future study, such as virtual second look interviews and managing increasing volumes of applicants, will be discussed as virtual interviewing changes the recruitment landscape.