Be Kind and Clear: Deliver High-Quality Feedback to Your Learners Using "Radical Cando?"

Giving effective feedback to our learners is one of the most important parts of our role as medical educators, but we've all had "feedback fails" - times we didn't give needed feedback because we were afraid of hurting feelings or times when we gave feedback in a way that ended up causing defensiveness. In this workshop, we will discuss giving feedback using a simple framework from Radical Candor by Kim Scott, who was a highly successful leader at Google. The Radical Candor framework is mapped out on two axes, Care Personally and Challenge Directly. The framework asserts that the most effective feedback must combine both - be both kind and clear.

In this workshop, we will start with an overview of the Radical Candor framework. We will learn how to land in the sought after radical candor quadrant, as well as how to avoid the ruinous empathy quadrant, in which you can be nice in the moment but undermine in the long run, and the obnoxious aggression quadrant, in which you deliver criticism without sensitivity and cause defensiveness. We will present several skits of feedback gone wrong, then discuss in small groups why the feedback went poorly through the lens of the Radical Candor framework and practice delivering it more effectively. We will end with discussing actionable takeaways of how to deliver effective feedback in the context of this framework. Workshop participants will leave feeling more confident in delivering both on-the-fly and end-of-rotation feedback.