A Safe Space: How to Instill a Patient Safety Mindset in Your Residents

ACGME recognizes patient safety as a responsibility all physicians share. As a member of the ACGME Collaborative to train learners in reporting and analyzing patient safety events, our internal medicine residency program developed a four-week curriculum consisting of an overview of the culture of safety, room of risk activity, and multiple small group sessions culminating in a presentation of a real safety analysis at our hospital's safety meeting. Since implementation, data shows increased resident reporting and positive responses on the annual ACGME survey. The most recent survey indicated 93% compliance in "culture reinforces personal responsibility for patient safety" and 100% compliance in "know how to report patient safety events."

This workshop includes a brief segment describing our curriculum and outcomes. An example safety event reported by our residents will be provided for the interactive portion of the workshop where attendees will break into groups to conduct an analysis of the safety event. The audience will come together to discuss the activity and how such exercises contribute to the culture of safety for trainees.

The second half of the workshop will include examples of corrective actions developed by our residents which have led to meaningful quality improvement. The small groups will then re-form to discuss safety events encountered at their own institutions and develop corrective actions that can translate into quality improvement initiatives. The larger group will reconvene to discuss an example from the audience.